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What are the Leading Causes of Car Accidents?

Top Causes of Car Accidents

It is unfortunate, but car accidents happen all the time. They can turn any ride into a nightmare in seconds. They can change your life in the blink of an eye. Car accidents have severe consequences, including mental turmoil, financial mess, physical injury, and even loss of life. There are an unlimited number of causes of car accidents. Understanding these factors can help drivers avoid them. Keep reading this blog by the Doc’s Toyota dealership in Philadelphia, MS, to learn more about the leading causes of car accidents.

Collision of two cars near a park is shown.

What Causes Car Accidents?

  • Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of car accidents. External temptations like texting/talking on the phone, eating snacks, listening to music too loudly, etc., can distract you and hamper your attention span. It will maximize your risk of getting into an accident.
  • Intoxicated driving plays a significant role in a high number of accidents. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs reduces your reaction time and prevents you from functioning properly. It can dramatically impact motor and cognitive skills and lead to poor decisions on the road. With impaired driving, you risk crashing into another vehicle.
  • Speed limit exists for a reason. Still, a lot of drivers tend to ignore the speed rules. Over speeding minimizes your reaction time and increases the chance of losing control of your car on the road.
  • Drowsy driving is another contributing factor to accidents. Do not drive when you are fighting your sleep. It will break your concentration level and prevent you from remaining alert on the road. Find a safe spot, pull over your car and take a small break to re-energize yourself.
  • Poor weather conditions sometimes leave the roadway slippery or icy. It poses a danger to the vehicles on the road. High winds, fog, and extreme downpours are common causes of car accidents. During these scenarios, the driver must pay extra attention and stay safe.

Knowing and understanding these causes will help the driver be more aware and cautious while driving.

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